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Weir Meat Menu

​All Meats are USDA inspected


   ¾” thick steaks in 1 pound packages

Filet/ Tenderloin     $ 20.00 lb  
Strip Steak            $ 17.00 lb  
Delmonico             $ 17.00 lb  
Sirloin Steak          $ 12.00 lb  

2 pound packs

Sirloin                     $ 9.00 lb  
Rump                     $  9.00 lb
Chuck (bone in)      $ 9.00 lb  

Lean Ground Beef  $ 8.00 lb   

Soup bones            $ 5.00 3lb pack


Chops            $7.00  lb
Sausage        $6.00  4 pack
     -Sweet Italian
     -Salt and Pepper

Roasts            $6.00  lb
Ground pork   $5.00 lb


 Pastured Eggs  $4.00 dozen

Please contact us with special requests
Pick up or free Delivery available

Grass Fed Beef
    Cattle are ruminants, meaning they have a four chambered stomach designed to digest grasses. Cattle evolved roaming large grasslands filling their rumen. The cattle then regurgitate the partially digested forage and chew this “cud” before swallowing it and passing it along to the next chamber of their stomachs. This process has produces cattle that humans have fed on for millennia. We as humans have evolved on the meat and healthy fats that are produced when the cattle feed in this manor.
    The modern feedlot system came about after WWII with the excess of grains that were left. Modern farming techniques along with hybrid grains have enabled feedlots to help feed the world. This system also requires the cattle to be given antibiotics and growth hormones to keep the animals healthy and gaining as much weight as possible. An alternative to the feedlot beef is natural grass fed beef.

Pasture Raised Eggs  
    Our hens are rotated through our pastures allowing them to forage for grasses and insects, natural components of a chickens diet.  This produces the most delicious eggs possible, with a deep colored yolk with exceptional flavor. The chickens also provide a valuable service of pasture sanitation and fertilization.