Weir Meat
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     Weir Meat began with a simple wedding gift on September 21, 2013. His name was Norman. He was a bottle-fed, four month old black angus bull with the charm of a prince and a demeanor of simplicity. The rise of Weir Meat started with Norman, and now, has grown into a generational herd.  
    The passion of health drives the foundation of Weir Meat to produce all-natural, grass fed beef. We seek to provide a local healthy option for beef lovers. Our cattle eat only the green grass of the earth and the fresh cut hay from our fields. The open pastures allow our cows to graze in a free habitat for natural nutrition. We express individuality in the distribution of our grass fed beef. We give our customers the convenient option to purchase beef by the available cut. 
     Our goal is to bring flavorful grass fed beef to your dinnertable. The many benefits of our grass fed beef can bring health into the lives of your family. We want to be an active part of your healthy dietary choices. Please call us to place your all-natural, grass fed beef order today!

BEN WEIR, owner:
    Ben Weir is a third generation farmer. He has roots of integrity, honesty, and simplicity. Ben’s love for the land began when he was four years old riding on “Scoop,” the old red tractor. He learned the lessons of hay from his father and grandfather. Over the years, Ben developed experience with pastures, bailing hay, horses, pigs, chickens, and his favorite, cows. Mike and Ike, his childhood twin Hereford bulls, began the spark of his bovine passion.
    Ben has lived in Murrysville, Pa for thirty years. He graduated from Franklin Regional in 1999, and then went on to Shippensburg University, Pa on an athletic scholarship. After four years of playing center on the football field, he graduated in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in environmental science.  Ben is a man who focuses on family and farming. He enjoys sharing his agricultural skills by providing healthy grass  fed beef from his farm to your table